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In this section you will find all the information as regards the projects we are developing for you.

Pooling investments, in general, legally structured as trusts or companies, based on the project type and magnitude, allows the little and medium investor to join efforts with peers, thus bringing to fruition projects that would not be achieved on their own.


For this type of projects, we use an investment system based on “Bricks”; each Brick being a portion of the total capital required by the project.
This allows each investor to acquire the number of Bricks he or she desires, until the total quota for this undertaking is completed, his or her percentage share being determined this way.
The value of each Brick is US$10,000.


Total capital: US$ 200,000 = 20 Bricks
Investor "A" acquires 5 Bricks --> 25% share.
Investor "B" acquires 10 Bricks --> 50% share.
Investor "C" acquires 4 Bricks --> 20% share.
Investor "D" acquires 1 Brick --> 5% share.

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If you have a project and need to develop it, in PCI we are interested in meeting you and bring it to fruition.

You can have the professional counseling services, the capital and the management the project requires.

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